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Most of us will have certain words which trip us up when writing.

I’ll hold my hand up high and admit to having to take extra care when typing it’s/its. For some reason, I like to add the apostrophe, but thankfully it’s (see what I did there) something I’ve been aware of for years so know to look out for it.

One thing I always remember from my days in school is learning the correct way to spell stationery (the word which relates to the paper products you use in an office as opposed to the word which describe something which has stopped).

“E is for envelope”

An envelope is an item of stationery, therefore the word ends ‘ery’ not ‘ary’. By default, the vehicle which has stopped is stationary!

I love it!

It makes life so simple and I’m a BIG fan of making life simple. So read on to find a few more handy tips to remember some of the more common words which trip us up.

12 hot tips to help you write the right words

1. Argument

Is it argument or arguement? I lost an ‘e’ in an argument.

2. Bare or Bear?

To be naked is to be bare, whereas a bear is a brown furry animal. Bear also means to carry something, so remember it by thinking of a grizzly bear carrying something heavy.

3. Believe

I do not beLIEve a lie.

4. Cemetery

Does it end with ‘ery’ or ‘ary’? Well, this spooky word has three e’s altogether, like screaming “eeek”!

5. Descendant

When you’re descended from a particular ancestor, does the word descendant end with ‘ent’ or ‘ant’? Aunt is a relative, so ‘ant’.

6. Desert or dessert?

A desert is sandy (‘s’), a dessert pudding is strawberry shortbread (‘ss’).

7. Embarrass

We get confused with this word, but make sure you don’t forget any rr’s or ss’s and you’ll never be embarrassed.

8. Hear or Here?

You HEAR with your ear.

9. Its or It’s?

Ok, here’s the one that trips me up even though I totally understand the difference! Its means ‘belonging to it’ (I can see its teeth) whereas it’s is short for ‘it is’ or ‘it has’ (it’s cloudy, it’s got 2 eyes).

10. Lose or Loose?

When you’ve lost a competition, you lose (lose also means you’ve misplaced something), so lose the extra ‘o’. Loose means that something has escaped or is not confined.

11. Misspell

One ‘s’ or two? The word is actually just mis + spell, but to make it easier remember that ‘Miss Pell never misspells’.

12. Rhythm

I recently learned Rhythm Helps Your Two Hips Move and LOVE it! It makes this word so easy to spell and brings on my happy dance!

Finally, if you’re in the UK, watch out for US spelling on spell checkers. The default is often set ‘English US’, so ensure (make certain it happens, not insure which is to issue an insurance policy) that you switch it to ‘English UK’ otherwise you could get gray instead of grey and color instead of colour!


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