Free Guide to Blogging

Free guide to blogging

Like many people who decide to start a blog, when I set up my first one back in 2012/13, I kind of fumbled my way around things. If I’d approached it with any strategy, I’d have loved to get my hands on a free guide to blogging!

The blog was based on my musings about work/life and linked to my passion for 1:1 coaching. Whilst many of the posts are no longer available, you can still find some of those early words in the archives of this blog. They’re interesting to look back over to see just how much my writing style has evolved with experience.

Setting it up for free give me a narrowed down choice between WordPress (.com not .org - yes there is a difference, this post tells you more) and Blogger which is owned by Google. I thought the Google connection would be a good idea so dabbled a little with Blogger, but never liked the style, layout or navigation and moved to WordPress pretty quickly.

By the time I decided to start my outdoor blog in 2014, I could navigate quite easily around the dashboard so it was a natural choice to jump straight onto that platform. If you’re approaching your blog from a business angle, you’d be better looking at an alternative (it costs a fortune to scale up to the price tier which gives analytics and other features). That said, there is a place for the free option and I still use that (for now).

The next few years were spent learning my craft in the world of blogging.

Writing is the easy part!

Suddenly, I needed to learn how to use social media platforms for more than a chat with my old school/Uni friends. Terminology like meta tags, keywords, search engine optimisation and analytics became normal speak. Building websites and navigating my way behind the pretty pages which everyone else sees was a new skill.

I soaked up as much information as possible: attending workshops to learn from experts, reading online articles, searching forums, having meetings at the Google Digital Garage and chatting with other bloggers in my network.

In those 6 years, I’ve learned tons and no longer feel like I’m stabbing in the dark. However, technology changes and the world around blogging changes with it, so there’s always more to learn. I enjoy learning, developing and understanding more about blogging - which is great news for you!

Free guide to blogging

In my free guide to blogging, you can get a condensed version of 6 years worth of learning in a handy 4 page document. Just head over to the home page and click to get a copy.

In 2019, there are now additional platforms to choose from when you decide to start blogging. I built this website on Squarespace, so that’s also where my blog is hosted. You can decide to share your writing by guest posting elsewhere (actually a great idea as it gives you backlinks to your own blog).

Business owners will know the importance of new and regular content for SEO. It also keeps your customers engaged, building a loyal following. But it does take time to teach yourself the skills to build, develop and write that content so if you’re looking for a little help, feel free to drop me a line for a chat.


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