Do you find yourself working every evening and weekend to keep on top of all the jobs as your business has grown?

You may have considered employing someone, but that comes with the added burden of paying expenses such as employee taxes, pension contributions, holiday pay, sick pay and other benefits.

So what’s the solution if you want to get a little support with your marketing, social media and general administration?

A Virtual Assistant can free up your time and give you a right-hand person to count on when running your business. Better still, there are flexible options available and you only get charged for the time worked - no more paying for breaks!


Pricing Options:


Hourly Rate:

Project Rate:

Retainer Rate:

Pay via an hourly rate (rounded to the nearest 15 minutes)

Agree a set project price or hourly rate for specific pieces of work.

Book a retainer rate to secure a specific number of hours each month and I’ll let you know when you’re nearing your limit (this is a great option for managing your budget).


Examples of Support Available:



You may need some research on new suppliers, an analysis of your competitors or to find some information about a topic relevant to your business.

All research findings will be provided in a report, with links to the information sources. 


Data Entry

Your existing database may need cleansing - updating with new information and removing anything out of date.

Perhaps you’d like a box of business cards adding to an excel file, your client files updating, or customer/supplier information putting onto your QuickBooks account.



Email Management

Have emails taken over your life, making you despair that you’ll ever get to the bottom of your inbox?

Let me log into your account, identify urgent emails, deal with spam, respond to sales enquiries and send emails on your behalf. We can agree specific answers to enquiries, or I can send a generic holding email for you to deal with later.


Campaigns and Events

Get support to manage specific campaigns (eg. newsletters and special offers) or with the behind the scenes work on your event.

My event management experience includes organising one-off workshops, training programmes and charity events.