You’re here because you’re looking for someone to help with writing copy to attract your customers, or perhaps because your current website needs an overhaul.

Telling stories (not the kind you associate with running to your parents when your big brother stole the last piece of chocolate cake) is a great way to engage with your customers. So read on if you’d like someone to help with the story telling in your business.

At our initial meeting Jacquie listened to the brief and quickly produced well researched, coherent and structured content for my website.
— Pete, Bank View Cafe

Blog Posts

Blogs are a great for building your brand, engaging with customers, positioning yourself as an expert and generating sales. Once you start blogging, you have to keep posting regularly to keep your website looking current and up to date.

Commission me to write a one-off blog post or a series of posts (check my Pricing Guide for payment plans). We agree the topic, style, target audience and posting schedule in advance, then you leave me to write the words (My Approach).

Publicity is like eating peanuts. Once you start, you can’t stop.
— Andy Warhol

Press Releases

You have some good news (eg. expansion plans or a big sale) and think that an article in the paper will be great free advertising. You’re absolutely right, it will, but beware clumsy attempts which will get you sent straight through to the advertising people.

You could put a few words together anyway and hope for the best, or maybe spend your spare time scouring the internet for ‘how to write a press release’. Or you could tell me your story and let me craft it into a press release, written in a way that busy editors want to see. Check My Approach for the process we’ll follow.


Website Content

Back in the 1990’s, the Yellow Pages was the place to research companies before you made a purchase. Now people use the internet, which means that your website is your shop front, your advertising space and one of your best marketing tools.

Customers make decisions based on how your website looks and the information they can (or cannot) find there, so it needs to be written with them in mind (formal, chatty, technical?) and incorporate any keywords from your SEO specialist.

If only you could find a copywriter who could build a simple website too.



If you’ve ever come across glaring mistakes on somebody else’s flyer or website, I bet your thoughts ran along the lines of “unprofessional” or “poor attention to detail”. It’s not a good message to give your customers.

Proofreading your own work is difficult. I ask other people to proofread my writing, but the errors leap out if I’m looking at somebody else’s words. I’ve lost count of the number of time’s someone said “I can’t believe you found that”.


Articles & Newsletters

Longer articles are used to demonstrate your expertise, give information, raise awareness or just inspire people. Writing articles is all about creating something people will want to read and, in the process, raising the profile of your brand.

If you’re staring at that flashing cursor on a blank white screen, it may be time to reach out for a little help. Whether the article is for a magazine, newsletter or brochure, good research is essential along with with interesting and well-written copy. Check My Approach for details.



Have you created some audio or video content which now needs transcribing into a text document for email or download as an e-workbook? Or maybe you’ve come across one of those old fashioned paper documents which you want to edit?

Transcription could be from: podcasts; webinars; videos; online conferences; historical family documents; book drafts; written reports; academic dissertations.

…and you’ll be looking for someone with fast and accurate typing skills.

It’s a pleasure to have Jacquie on our team of freelancers.”
— Kathryn, Eleven Design