My Story


Hello, and thank you for dropping by…

If you’re here to check out my experience and see whether we’d work well together, then you’re in the right place.

I love writing words, putting myself into the mind of the reader to figure out exactly what they will want to know, and then writing that for them. I’m a copywriter who can turn even detailed text into something which people will want to read.

Words have always been part of my life. My original career was working in Human Resources for global manufacturing companies, where I shared corporate messages to hundreds of employees via emails and newsletters. Later, I worked as project manager for a University, writing press releases, web content and promotional literature for new business start-ups.

Since ditching corporate life, I’ve been writing blog posts, press releases and web content for a range of organisations. I also started building websites and discovered that I really enjoy the fiddly bits behind the scenes - you know, the bits most people just aren’t interested in learning.

I’m known for being organised, the person people turn to when they want a helping hand to co-ordinate an event. I love helping other people to achieve their goals, so when you add that to my project management, administrative and social media skills, you’ll see why offering virtual support to small business owners is a beautiful fit.

What about when I’m not working?


Outside work, I love being outdoors: mountain biking, bike packing, hiking and climbing.

On weekends, you’ll usually find me in the Peak District or in the hills and wide open spaces found in other parts of the UK and abroad.

More importantly, I love tea…

If you are considering engaging Jacquie, in whatever capacity, don’t even think twice – JUST DO IT!”
— John, Business Advisor & Photographer

Visit for articles, information and inspiration from some of my outdoor adventures.

Published author of ‘Walking in the Upper Dearne Valley’ and a member of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild (OWPG).


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