Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of blog posts have you written?

I founded my own blog back in 2014 which won ‘Climbing Blog of the Year’ in 2015. I’ve also written online posts for other organisations on a variety of topics (outdoor related, profiles and interviews, tourism, conservation, yoga and well-being). It means my experience covers a range of topics and styles.


Can you help me get a story published in the media?

Whilst it’s impossible to guarantee that your press release will be published, there is a format and style which makes it more likely that editors will run with your story. It’s also important that your press release does not scream free advertising (that’s the quickest way to ensure that their sales team will be in touch to sell you advertising space).

I’ve been writing press releases since 2004 and importantly, they are regularly printed (often word for word). The topics covered are wide - from talking about new businesses starting up, through to letting people know about the opening of a new bar, celebrating competition wins and even promoting my own achievements


How does payment work?

For most project work, I require a 50% non-refundable downpayment to officially book your project in my calendar. The remaining 50% will be due upon completion of the project. Ongoing work is payable on a monthly basis. Please check my Pricing Guide for more information.


How many revisions do I get?

For copywriting work, the price quoted includes 2 revisions. I generally recommend staying with that number as it help us to remain focused and efficient, but if you do require more we can negotiate an hourly rate.

For websites, the number of revisions is unlimited during the 2 week design period. The only constraint is time, so the quicker you get any amendments to me, the more you will be able to fit in.


I see you design websites on Squarespace. What if I’m looking for something on another platform?

I work with Squarespace as I find it’s a user friendly and intuitive platform for clients, and it has some great looking templates. I do have experience of using WordPress (my outdoor site is built on WordPress) but prefer designing for other people in Squarespace.

My services extend to simple websites of up to 10 pages, so if you’re looking for something more complex or an e-commerce site, let me put you in touch with another designer who can create something fully customised to your needs.


How quickly can you type?

Good question!

It’s a little known fact that back in the day I took secretarial options in college. I qualified as an advanced touch typist (yep, I can type without looking at the keyboard and use all fingers and thumbs) with a typing speed of 65wpm on an old fashioned typewriter. Thankfully, times have moved on and I now use a computer with the full suite of Microsoft Office! Anyway, the good news for you is that this translates into speed and accuracy for your project.


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