Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Where do you start when looking for a Virtual Assistant? How do you even find such a freelancer and what can you do to feel more comfortable about this person (who you may never meet) being let loose on your business? Check my 5 tips for hiring a Virtual Assistant.

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Jacquie Budd
Never good enough?

A friend eloquently says that "climbing is a great leveller" meaning that you mix with people from a multitude of backgrounds and abilities, but your common interest bonds you. You also need to have a strong trust and reliance on each other - you are literally putting your life in somebody else's hands.

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A new lease of life

The kitchen is getting ripped out!

After talking about it for 9 years, we finally put a deposit down for a brand spanking new kitchen....cue big smiles all round!

First though is the mess.

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